• Are the Twos Terrible, Or Am I?

    Are the Twos Terrible, Or Am I?

    I haven’t written a post in a while because I have felt pretty uninspired lately. My creative juices just haven’t been flowing like they used to, and I’m attributing that to the twos–specifically my two who are two. Perhaps my creativity (and overall energy) is zapped because I spend the better part of my day… Continue reading

About Me

Hi! I’m Cassie I originally started this account as a way to answer the question, “Twins! How do you do it?!” but those twins I mentioned are starting pre-school in the fall, so I’ll have some free time. A former teacher, I have always loved clothes, putting outfits together, finding a good deal, and picking up style tips. Now that the world is my oyster with this newfound freedom, I’m feeling an urge to explore my creativity in that area. I hope you’ll follow along, and invite your friends!