• Twin Hacks

    Twin Hacks

    I’m a sucker for a good life hack. Discover a trick to organizing shoes (to make more room for me to buy more)? I’m all ears. Uncover a ground-breaking way to make the laundry process more efficient? Lay it on me. Have a clever technique to fold the tortilla with all its contents perfectly? Let… Continue reading

About Me

Hi! I’m Cassie I originally started this account as a way to answer the question, “Twins! How do you do it?!” but those twins I mentioned are starting pre-school in the fall, so I’ll have some free time. A former teacher, I have always loved clothes, putting outfits together, finding a good deal, and picking up style tips. Now that the world is my oyster with this newfound freedom, I’m feeling an urge to explore my creativity in that area. I hope you’ll follow along, and invite your friends!