Who We Are


I’m Cassie, and together with my husband, Ryan, we are attempting to figure out the enigma that is parenting twin boys. Using the word, “enigma,” seems fitting for two reasons: 1. people still look when we go places with a double stroller and 2. they’re boys…way out of my wheelhouse as one of the girliest girls out there.

I stepped away from my position in recruitment and admissions (a job with people that I absolutely loved!) to stay home with the boys when they were almost a year old. I am thankful for the pandemic for that reason–it showed me that home was exactly where I needed to be right now. Ryan works for the power company, and he works A LOT…which means he puts full confidence in me to keep the boys alive day after day (how brave of him). His job also allows me the freedom to spend my days with my two sidekicks, something for which I am also incredibly grateful.

We have been married for three years and have always looked at our life together as an adventure. Adding twins was the perfect puzzle piece(s) we didn’t even realize was missing. I mean, why did we ever think we were “busy” pre-babies?!

Dirt, Rocks, and Missing Socks is a glimpse into our daily chaos, and a way for me to feel like I am doing something more than changing diapers and laundry all day. Does this mean I am an expert? Hell no. The only area I consider myself an expert is finding a good deal. I google a ton, look up activities and recipes on Pinterest, scour Facebook groups for tips and tricks (especially for sleep regressions!), and call my mom for everything.

I have noticed, however, that people are almost fascinated about life with twins. “How do you do it?” is a question almost always asked. My response: ignorance is bliss. These are our first kids, so we have no concept of what life is like with just one baby. Pro tip: if you’re interested in having twins, do it the first time around.

Also, I am hoping this counts as a version of a baby book because…well, those are still sitting in the boys’ closet.

Yes, my kids are over a year old and still take a bottle…whatever helps them sleep at night. Seriously, I will do anything and everything for uninterrupted sleep at night. Only one bottle before bed, and my pediatrician said we were all good…until they turn two. Then our whole world turns upside down.


Formerly known as Twin A. Loves yogurt, dipping anything in ketchup, and French fries. Won’t turn down an “up up” (Reese’s peanut butter cup) either. Spends his days doing puzzles, lining up his cars, testing boundaries, and searching for airplanes. Expert at giving a wrap-your-arms-around-tight hug and a killer “wtf are you looking at?” stare.


Also known as Twin B. Loves guacamole, “em-mays,” (M&Ms), and goldfish. Passes his time mimicking his dad, throwing rocks, and ensuring everyone knows a car goes, “beep.” Usually the voice for the pair referred to as, “Jack & Nick.” World’s best cuddles and gives a heart-melting hug and kiss combo.


About Me

Hi! I’m Cassie I originally started this account as a way to answer the question, “Twins! How do you do it?!” but those twins I mentioned are starting pre-school in the fall, so I’ll have some free time. A former teacher, I have always loved clothes, putting outfits together, finding a good deal, and picking up style tips. Now that the world is my oyster with this newfound freedom, I’m feeling an urge to explore my creativity in that area. I hope you’ll follow along, and invite your friends!


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