Life As We Know It

Wow, it’s been a while…a while since I had an afternoon during nap time when I could open my laptop in peace and quiet for anything other than paying bills or adding to my Amazon cart.

Quite a few things have changed over the past month. Well, more like a month and some change…but who’s keeping track? The 10 readers on my subscriber list?

Let me give you the recap:

Movin’ on up

Soaking in their new view

We closed on our house at the end of June. We busted out of the apartment and never looked back (except when I realized I accidentally left my fave Crate & Barrel measuring cups in one of the drawers, then I had to pack the boys up to snag them).

I don’t use power tools. I don’t know the difference between the bits on a drill (that’s what they’re called, right?). And I definitely don’t subscribe to the motto “measure twice, cut once.” But luckily for me, my PIC (partner-in-crime, aka Ryan), is skilled in all of those aforementioned categories. And, I like to think I have a pretty good eye for design. So if you combine the two (which we have), our (by this, I mean Ryan’s) list of home projects stretches to the end of our new block.

Ryan gets by with a little help from his friends.

So, while I have spent my days unpacking, organizing, and then reorganizing, Ryan masterfully completes the projects I continue to add to our (aka his) list. And just when I think I’ve made a dent on my end, my eye catches something else, and that leads to fourteen other things that I write on my to-do list…more accurately, it makes me think of something to buy. Come to think of it, I also have a good handle on how to spend money. If anyone knows of any side hustles where I can make money by spending someone else’s money, be sure to let me know.

Mama called the doctor, againand again

I have talked to my pediatrician more than I’ve talked to my own friends this summer. We have been in and out of that office 476 times since the beginning of June. The boys have caught every little virus they could in the last two months. And just when we thought we were germ-free, another one rears its ugly head…I take them back to the doctor’s, and she invariably asks, “are they in day care?”

No. They’re home with me, literally 24/7. Apparently they’re just magnets to whatever is floating around anywhere. It also doesn’t help that they like to touch EVERY INCH of EVERY PUBLIC SURFACE they can. I’m gagging just thinking about it (should I write a strongly worded letter to the company that makes our hand wipes?!). You can bet your bottom dollar that once one had it, the other followed suit about 2 days later. Like clockwork.

Pesky little viruses (remember to alternate Tylenol and Motrin, folks!) always make themselves comfortable here at the least convenient times. Like on moving day, or part 1 of 2 of the 2nd birthday extravaganza, or when Ryan is working 24/7 (literally–we had bad storms here last week so he was at work more than he was at home). When we went back to the doctor this most recent time, for the second time that week, I asked if she could prescribe something for me. She thought I was joking. That’s cute.

Sick in bed on moving day, blissfully unaware of the heavy lifting outside his door. Who’s the real winner here?

Raise your hand if you’re 2!

Perhaps the most significant event during this short hiatus was the main stars of our show turned the big 2. In true Jack & Nick fashion, we decided to celebrate with not one, but TWO, parties for our best guys. We Chugga-Chugga-Two-Two’d right into being Two Cool.

The boys loved every minute of both parties, ate all of the cupcakes and cake pops they could get their hands on, and are still playing with their new gifts, so I’d call that a big win.

How are they two already? Wasn’t it just last week that I was walking yet another lap around that L&D floor, or encouraging them (more like bribing… “if you drink a little more, I won’t make you eat green beans when you’re older”) to drink just a little more of their tiny, 2oz bottles in the NICU, or rolling up their little sleeves because their onesie was too long? Wasn’t I just at Target buying size 1 diapers and formula by the gallons?!

What they say is true, my friends. The days are long, but the years are short. I mean, the days can be really long. Like, it’s-only-8:37am-and-we’ve-already-had-5-meltdowns-and-one-bite-on-the-arm long. But it doesn’t seem possible that they are already two years old. That’s just nuts (also nuts that some of that baby weight is still lingering after two years, but ya can’t win ’em all I guess).

The boys have had their own distinct and unique personalities since they were infants, but now they are SHINING, and out in full force. And oh man, they’re hysterical, lovable, and so incredibly observant. Similar in a ton of ways and different in others, neither will turn down an M&M (em-mays around these parts) or a chance to see anything with a siren (aka “wee-oh”).

Without them, where would I even be (in the bathroom with the door actually closed, that’s one place)? As exhausting and frustrating as it can be sometimes, my favorite part of the day is when I ask each of them before bed who my favorite Jack/Nick is, and they enthusiastically respond, “ME!” Because they are.

Oh, and without them, this mediocre blog wouldn’t have a home out here on the internet.


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