Traveling with Toddlers

The weather is warming up, COVID restrictions are lifting, and people are itching to get outta dodge. Despite the majority of their young lives under the shadow of the pandemic cloud, Jack and Nick are surprisingly well traveled in both flying and road trips (two totally different modalities of travel and experiences with the boys. Surviving a road trip from IL to FL is and will be a completely separate post…so much to unpack on that one, pun intended).

Being the champion over-thinker I am, I researched the hell out of “traveling with [insert month here] old babies” well in advance of our departure dates. I wanted to have anything and everything we MIGHT need in case of, well any scenario (shocker!). While our final destinations were far and wide across the Great Plains of the good ol’ U S of A, we were not traveling to any other countries. Suffice to say, anything I forgot could easily be purchased.

Any somewhat normal person would think that way because it makes life easier. Me? Oh no no. I made our lives “easier” by ordering everything in advance, and convincing Ryan to find room in either the suburban or his suitcase (you know there was zero room in mine) for all of the contents of those Amazon boxes that arrived after my deep dive on the internet.

Are you planning to head out on a vacay any time soon with a toddler? Don’t worry, friends. We did the legwork for ya on this one. After packing, repacking, and unpacking, we realized that some items were more useful than others. Here are some of our absolute faves (as in, Ryan even agreed they deserved to be packed to travel with us).

These chairs go EVERYWHERE with us and can be set up anywhere, including in the back of a UHaul.
Peep those Elba rainbows under that shield.
Don’t worry, Jack got his turn too.


Here’s a small glimpse of the toys we packed for our IL to FL road trip. We used them all at one point or another throughout the trip.

If you thought for a second that we traveled anywhere (and I mean anywhere, we don’t even leave the house for dinner without a few) without toys, you would be sadly mistaken, folks. Here are the ones that occupied the boys for a decent (aka 5-10 minutes, but really can you expect anything more from a toddler?) amount of time and that were easy to pack. Just click on the link in the captions to add to your cart too!

Amazon really never disappoints, does it. I mean, what can’t you find on there?

Now, let’s be real. Will any of the things listed above prove to be the magic elixir that eliminates the dreaded toddler tantrums? Full disclosure: no. Take it from me, I tried (I guess that’s what can’t be found on Amazon). But, they will make your life a little easier (and your suitcase a little fuller) when you head out on your next vacation.

**This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase an item using the links provided in this post, I earn a small commission.


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